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Treasure Hunt

The Dating Divas – Car Treasure Hunt

Car Treasure Hunt.

When you go on a massive scale of treasure hunt, it then becomes to the programs like Car Treasure Hunt. Being something which goes a bigger level, it also takes a lot of thinking which you have to put into it. Otherwise, your treasure hunt on hot wheels could go pretty much on the wrong side. Anyway, if you are running low on fuel & ideas, we are here to help you with that. In this article, we take you through a step-by-step guide to plan your Car Treasure Hunt 2018. We shall begin now!

Car Treasure Hunt 2018: A Step-by-Step Guide:

This treasure hunt in the car could reach a lot of ends and thus you will need to be very good and accurate at it. You will either need to be familiar with all the locations around the city which should be at least 10 or you will need to get a map. The presence of Google Map could make it easier but since assistance like this is mostly forbidden, you will need to hit the classic slot of the hunt.
Please, note down that the number of locations you are going to set must depend on the time you have to complete the quest. For instance, if you are setting out around 7 or 8 in the morning, only then you can choose around 10 locations. A single location should at least be allotted an hour so make sure that you plan accordingly.
While we are done with the important precautious points, here we go with our main guide:

Choosing a Map:

The first thing is to select the map. Make sure that you don’t get one which has everything in detail about the city you are covering. Do not go with the map which has more than 1 state which you are not going to cover. You can get these maps with the directions of a single location easily on any geographical store.

The Selection of the Location:

Again, this second step is definitely the most important one. Since you are now dealing with the locations you are going to go actually, mark them on the map. Make sure that you do that according to the time you have. Also, depending on the location vs. time formula which we mentioned earlier, a single location must at least be allotted an hour.
There are some factors which must be mentioned which we also included in our guide on Car Treasure Hunt 2017 which was a crucial one. If you are playing with people who are new to your city, you must at least design a puzzle behind that as well. We are going to explain that in the upcoming section.

The Ten Letter Answer:

Whether you are playing with the people who are from your city or outside, you must set a ten letter answer containing the clue towards the solution. If you do not do that, the quest could go on and on and covering a single location will take forever. If there are 10 locations for instance, make sure that there are 10 letters as well.
Also, make sure that a letter in each quest must contain a clue towards the final answer otherwise, again, you will wandering around in the wild with nowhere to go. Then, there must be a few things which must be present at each location which the other team will have to answer through the riddles ask. We shall cover some Car Treasure Hunt Riddles later in the article.

The Grid:

All the clues and hints which will be marked on the map once the other team is reaching and solving the locations, the pointed out locations must make a grid-type structure on the map. This grid must form a final shape which should be the answer to the final location and the final answer. Of course, this would take some time and thinking, but only then would this be actually enjoyable.

Some Important Points:

  • While you are going for this mega-task, there are some other important points which you need to know. So the major ones you must care of are:
  • Once you have traveled from location to another, make sure that you note down the mileage so that the next location can be picked and discovered accordingly.
  • In order to understand the geographic order of the quest, studying the hints and the pointed out location forming the final grip is very important.
  • Make sure that you use the older car models to keep that classic fun alive such as B3110 which has forever been used in this hunt.
  • The driver must be capable enough that he/she could drive safely and carefully through the tough areas including bridges, thin lanes, and stony areas.
  • It is advised that you should stay away from the illegal areas of law and the mileage upon return must be recorded for the future correspondence.

Car Treasure Hunt Riddles:

The riddles are very important and whether you have planned an outdoor car treasure hunt or simply doing this indoors, you could use a lot of the good ones. We will now mention some of the top riddles out for you. We do not need to mention the answer alongside each riddle since for all them, the answer is the same i.e. A Car. Here we go now!

  • Where you put the pedal to the metal.
  • I cannot talk but I can say bro.
  • It goes vroom, when you use it you feel like Fred flint stone.
  • Grandma’s horse and buggy.
  • What do I drive?

It has a rear light?So these were some of the most common riddles which are asked and planned. Another car treasure hunt riddle you could use during the hunt is mentioned below:
Put a V on room.
The thing you seek does zoom.
Seek not anything higher.
I hides behind tire.
And, at this very point, we have to end this long Car Treasure Hunt guide which should have definitely been something of a soothing experience for you. Move on and plan your hunt to enjoy your weekend. Stay tuned to our website for more!


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