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Scavenger Hunt

100+ Funny Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Adults

Planning a Scavenger Hunt for Your Party Can Be Real Fun

Funny scavenger hunts are an outstanding way to produce precious moments and lots of laughs that will surely be cherished for times to come. It is an easy, economical, and convenient way to spend healthy time with your family and make strong bond with them. A funny scavenger hunt is popular amongst people and can entertain good crowd whether it is 6 or 60.

Funny Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Planning a family event with some funny scavenger hunt ideas is doable. With some frills of creativity and flexibility, you can make it as an extraordinary happening that will work all the year. You don’t need to do a lot to it or make it over shimmering. A simple yet elegant scavenger hunt that meets the traditional idea and its relevant theme is far better than those that are badly thought and have lots of unnecessary things included.

Ideas For kids

When it comes to writing hunt clues for children, one has to be extra cautious. This is perhaps because most children tend to get bored soon especially with the clues that are too hard or too easy. Also, it is vital to make sure the clues and riddles you write are appropriate for your children’s age group. As children grow older, they like to work with more difficult and sneaky clues to get excited and engage in a more exhilarating game.

  • Use Your Household Items To Make Clues

    Look around your home and examine your most common domestic items. Think how you use these ordinary things to transform them into funny quips and make various clues for a funny scavenger hunt game. Here is an example of a one-liner clue: “can horses have babies?” and the answer will be: no, they only have horses. These comical gags may seem clichéd to teenagers but they will certainly send laughs for young children.

  • Easy for Inexperienced Writers

    Although making usual riddles for kids is not very difficult, clues with question & answer is much easier to form. This style is even handy for those clue makers who have no experience of making scavenger hunt clues. You can also try doing it backward if you still have trouble making question & answer sort of riddles. Think of a thing and make a funny witticism about it. For instance, “I am cold and hard and fun to put in your juice”, and the answer is: ice.

  • Funny Photo Scavenger Hunt

    You can host a funny photos scavenger hunt for children which will be quite unlike most similar types of hunts. Take close-up photos of different items to make it challenging and entertaining at the same time. You can add a general location of certain items in the pictures and let them search around matching the shapes of the given photographs. If you are hosting a scavenger hunt for pre-school children who are unable to read yet, use drawings of toys and other oddments for them.

funny scavenger hunt


Ideas For Adults

All ages can get excited about having some fun for some time at a lovely event with a funny scavenger hunt. Many people love to relive their childhood during festivals or other occasions. Arranging a weekend party with some fun games like a funny scavenger hunt will remind your guests of a childhood favorite and give them a chance to relive that period for once again. Make your own weekend scavenger hunt with teams of 4 members or so. Make lists of those items you want the teams to return with. Include items like a spray of holly, a small circlet, and red stocking in the scavenger hunt. You can make it even more exciting by extending the hunt through the town. Some people do not want to go anywhere and like to have their cronies over. A fun game like scavenger hunt can offer them something fun to do that will help them entertained.

  • Amusement Parks Are Best To Double The Joy

    If you have managed to arrange one at an amusement park, it will be a double fun for those groups willing to participate in the game. Many amusement parks offer group discount which can certainly make the day affordable for one and all. Another benefit of choosing amusement park for scavenger hunts would work since it needs little planning and workout. On the whole, using amusement parks for one of the funny scavenger hunt ideas for adults is the best option to choose so far,

  • Golden Rings Are The Fun

    Choose Golden Rings for a fun scavenger hunt. Give the participants clues that are appropriate with the theme and let them search their own. A map can also be provided to help them hunt the hidden fortune. The best part of this scavenger hunt idea is that the participants will find the hidden surprises and will save them for their pleasure.

  • Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Is Enjoyable

    When you decide on hunting in the neighborhood, it’s better to warn the neighbors prior to the event. This will help them understand why players keep ringing their doorbells and asking for various items. Instead, you can also create a list that won’t need the participants to disturb neighbors or seek their help.

  • Find Fun With Photo Scavenger Hunts

    At most occasions, photo scavenger hunts offer a great way to get the guests actively involved in having fun. There are lots of possibilities with some neat photo ideas if you are planning a party for adults. Feel free to mingle things up a little. Make separate lists of activities to be done both indoors and outdoors. Pick a few of challenging locations to make the game more exciting. Make sure to add most of the silly things on your list.

A scavenger hunt is fun for both kids and adults. Just keep everything simple if you have young children. It is advisable to do some research before you begin planning a hunt. With some of the above ideas for both kids and adults, you might have a good idea of what sort of silly things you can come up with your children or friends to do on a funny scavenger hunt. You can tailor any of these funny scavenger hunt ideas to fit your family’s preferences. Be creative and have fun!

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