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Scavenger Hunt

25+ Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Secrets of Writing Scavenger Hunt Ideas for A Fun Party

Scavenger hunts offer a great way to spend some quality time with friends or family members. With some unique themes, the excitement of the game can be heightened to the next level. Ranging from dressing up as superheroes to police cops to king and spaceman, there is a large assortment of themes to choose from. If you have planned indoor scavenger hunt at a school or church building, you should first take the permission from the authorities.

The participants of the game are given a riddle or clue to solve. There are certain prizes for solving most riddles. Writing clues for indoor scavenger hunt ideas is quite intricate and demanding especially for those who haven’t penned down such things before. There is a well-defined structure of writing scavenger hunt clues for any physical objects or personalities. For example, if you are to organize an outdoor scavenger hunt in your nearby park for kids. You can select ‘grass’ or ‘certain flowers’ as one of those objects to be collected in the clue based hunt. Now you would need to write a clue or riddle ‘grass’ or ‘certain flowers’.


At this point, identifying the answer will be the start for writing the clue. Physical objects are normally an easier option than abstract objects to make scavenger hunt ideas. Very specific answers like ‘flowers of Sarah’s garden’, on the other hand, can be very difficult to solve even for Sarah herself. General answers like ‘rose flower’ or ‘garden grass’ make easy clues for kids and enjoyable to solve.

Writing Indoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Adults

  • There can be many ideas to enjoy scavenger hunt within the premises of a specific building. When writing indoor scavenger hunt riddles for adults, it’s ideal to make them elegant and poetic. Use lots of thesaurus and modify the phrases to obtain almost same number of characters and conclude every phrase with colorful rhyming words. You can also use formal writing technicalities such as alliteration and rhetorical effect to increase literacy quality of clues and riddles.
  • Leverage a vast collection of resources from the internet to get more information on how you can use thesaurus to make some of the best indoor scavenger hunt clues for adults. Imagine yourself the object to be found during the hunt and think how you could better describe people from its specific point of view. What do you feel, see, hear or smell? What could be your likes and dislikes? Some riddles can be like: ‘I need plenty of water to survive’, ‘I am shorter than everyone else’, ‘don’t tread heavily’

Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids

  • The best way to win some cool points with kids and create memories that will last a lifetime is to provide them an opportunity to discover new things through games. Indoor scavenger hunt for kids is something that flawlessly meets the aforementioned idea, and can be helpful in team building as well. From easy to slightly hard, there are lots of ideas that will make a kids’ party super interesting.
  • Indoor scavenger hunt riddles must not be too easy or too hard since they will cause the players loose interest quickly. Ideas related to idioms like ‘let the grass grow’ or cutting the shank’ can be interesting to make the cryptic portions. Let’s find out if you can use ‘king in Africa’, hungry cattle’ or ‘moving the red ball’ to make some riddles.
  • You can also try a ‘night’ theme that can make the hunt extra memorable and boost the excitement leading up to the event. It’s even better to make it historical, like ‘Medieval Night’, or you can do something seasonal, like ‘Christmas in July’. Ask the participants to do some homework ahead of time and dress up with special costumes. This will help them get into the real spirit of the hunt before the event takes place. Also, order some delicious food for the hunters and other guests at the party.

indoor Scavenger hunts

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

  • Your options for this type of activity are endless. Mostly, the on-the-move hunting games play a significant role in making team building events or school picnics very special. An outdoor scavenger hunt will be great to break the ice between individuals and keep their energy level higher during the outdoor trip. Design a brand new hunt for them and start the preparation with pre-boarding stage. First of all make a list of names of those folks who are known to the group. Decide on the appropriate duration for all outdoor scavenger hunt clues, 3-4 minute per clue, for example, and allocate 10 minutes for the game setup and instruction. In general, 12 to 15 clues will be enough if you want to play the game for at least one hour. Choose those you think can make some clues and then make and print clue card.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas

  • When it comes to composing outdoor scavenger hunt clues, you can mix some simple and some hard clues to increase the interest levels for each player. Make four teams and create 16 clues. Assign each team a clue with maximum three chances to solve it. The team can secure 100, 50 or 25 points if they manage to answer the clue in first, second or third guess. Pass it to the next team if any team cannot crack the clue that will get 30 points based on the correct guess. Keep awarding winning points and maintain the record team wise. You can make a sequence of clues for the whole outdoor hunting process. You can utilize monopoly coins or poker chips to persuade the teams to collect the points for all clues. In the end of complete event, announce the results and reward the winning team.

You can plan a scavenger hunt for both indoor and outdoor pleasure. Throughout the location, it can become a game for people of different ages. Arrange theme based lights and play light music in the background to enhance the overall atmosphere of the hunt.


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