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Scavenger Hunt

35+ Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas.

There is a possibility of living the best days of your life when you take a game like Scavenger Hunt to outdoor places. We have covered the content on Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas as well, but if you want to enjoy the best of it then it is the time to take it outside. Not just the Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas are important but also how you plan them. While most people do not do well-enough with the planning, we will go a thorough guide on that as well. So we will be discussing some cool Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas with you. We shall begin!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Planning: A Step-by-Step Guide:

Since there are many steps from choosing a theme to post-hunt meetup, we will go through each step one-by-one and we hope that planning a Scavenger Hunt will get very easy for you. Here we go now!

Choosing an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Theme:

Though there could be a lot of themes, it would be really great if you choose yourself as the theme and especially when it is your birthday. Well, it doesn’t mean that this the only idea we have right now. You can also go with themes such as your bachelor party in which you can design a food-based theme. Also, it is better if you go with an idea where the theme is nature-based due to variety of items and clues available in the environment making it easier for you.

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scavenger hunt ideas for kids

As far as the outdoor hunt is concerned, there couldn’t be a better theme than the very Halloween Part. There is so much to do on this night. All of your friends are wearing Halloween costumes and thus the fun keeps getting bigger and bigger. This is also one of the better Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults.

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Send Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Invitations:

The preparation stuff for Outdoor Scavenger Hunt takes much longer and you are required to send the invitations weeks before the event. You should at least send these notifications 2 weeks before the actual hunt so that everyone can have enough time to prepare for it. Also, it is better than even though this is an outdoor hunt, you should set out on foot. There are many things which you need to settle before heading out on the hunt.
Some of the important stuff you need to set is the date you will go out on the hunt, the time of leaving and coming back should be mentioned, and also the map should be laid out very well. Without these things, this scavenger hunt could prove to be a lost cause. Also, never forget to determine the weather forecast since it could serve as one of the biggest hurdles.

Creating the List of Clues:

Always make sure that this task is assigned to a person who is always cunning in everything he/she does. Since this is the tricky part and unless it is interesting, whole adventure could be nothing less than a disaster.
The person who is assigned this most job could use the following list of clues in order to make his/her design better. The top clues for the hunt are:

  • Find someone who was born in [YEAR/CITY]
  • A local town official.
  • Write a poem that tells an origination story.
  • A job application.
  • A cocktail umbrella.
  • Red lipstick kiss mark.
  • Team member doing something they’ve never done before.
  • Graffiti in a local business’ washroom.
  • Disposable coffee cup with a business logo signed by an employee.
  • What is tonight’s featured pizza at [PIZZA JOINT]?

So these were some of the major clues which you can use to design a better hunt. Also, this would be one of the best and Funny Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults who are looking forward to having some ultimate fun


The Outdoor Scavenger Pre-hunt Meetup:

Make sure that you choose a place for pre-hunt meetup which you like the most and you should be completely aware of its surroundings. For instance, if you read a lot of books and like to be in a library, call everyone there and this is where you decide all the points including the location of hunt and also the rendezvous point. You know about everything about the environment which is present there and thus the execution would be ideal as well.
The moral ethics are important and you will have to remind your team of that. While you are on the hunt, make sure that you remind them of not breaking any city laws and the common people of the city must not be bothered. Strictly forbid them from spending any money on any of the items required for the quest.

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The Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Post-hunt Meetup:

The hunt is going to take a long time and you have pretty good time to sit back and relax. You can either hit a bar which you can have a drink or two or find some other activity while your team is scavenging out there. Meanwhile, keep receiving and watching all the pictures and videos you are receiving from the scavenging team. Don’t forget to keep a track of the clock otherwise, you may lose it.
While the time is reaching the setup bar, make sure that you reach the rendezvous point before the others. Reaching the location sooner is always a wise choice and if you end up there before everyone, there is no chance that the others would cheat.

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Precautions to take for Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Adults around Town:

If you want this Outdoor Scavenger Hunt to be the best one of your life, make sure that you take the following precautions:

  • Form teams based on the common interests of people so that they can perform to their best.
  • This is going to be a long run so make everyone has a bag pack with important things stuffed in it.
  • There is always a plenty of time afterwards so make sure that you don’t drink before the hunt.
  • There must be prizes afterwards otherwise, your team might not be interesting in doing this the next time.
  • The official cross-off of the clues is important for better results.


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