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Scavenger Hunt

Things Needs to Make Perfect Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Your Party

Things Needs to Make Perfect Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Your Party

Scavenger hunts are played against individual or competing teams. A list of objects to look for is given to the participants and they have to complete the list before the allocated time runs out. Coming up with clues, indeed, can be the toughest part of the game. It involves planning, getting all participants together, and preparing snacks for the party. The clues and riddles, however, are something that will make the scavenger hunt most memorable for years to come.

Whether you want to come up with unique scavenger hunt clues for adults or organize something tailored to young hunters, planning a perfect scavenger hunt party needs you to consider some basic aspects to make it a flourishing adventure. These aspects include:

  • Purpose

The first one is to determine the purpose of your scavenger hunt. Is it for team building or just to have fun together? Is it going to be an icebreaker between peers? Based on your purpose of scavenger hunt, craft a list of items that participants will need to collect in specified boundaries. Also, allocate a suitable time period for the awards party.

  • Type

When arranging a scavenger hunt party, it is necessary to decide on its type. Will it be hunting objects? Are you going to use a video camera? Will it be sound or audio tape hunting? Make sure you know about the equipment that will be used for the hunting so that you have a clear vision of what scavenger hunt ideas you should write for the party. At this point, you will also need to decide if your hunting game will have any scoring. If so, how many points you would like to allocate for each round. You can award additional points for having all participants in the team as part of the picture or video clip.

  • Theme

Setting a particular theme for scavenger hunt can add a valuable magnificence to any party. Some of the best themes include superhero hunt, Pirate’s treasure hunt or Aladdin’s Magic carpet hunt especially if you are tailoring them for scavenger hunt ideas for kids. You must take important safety measures into consideration in order to ensure the safety of participants.

  • Location

Scavenger hunt has a lot to do with a perfect location. It also has a significant importance to make riddles for the hunt and determine potential problems as to site. From school premises to a church building to a downtown area and house basement, there are many locations ideas to choose from. Here, it’s strongly recommended to get advance permission from the authorities of affected business or individuals.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Scavenger hunts are not just for schools and summer camps. It is, in fact, a real-time game for all ages. You can easily make a list of activities to complete, assign point values to all members, and embark on your journey to reign highest as the most amazing scavenger hunter. Even though writing unique ideas for a scavenger hunt can be a challenging task, imagination and little practice can make it happen flawlessly. You can also combine different types of scavenger hunts and tailor them to your chosen theme. In this case, you can list the situations to pictures or videos and objects to recover, people to hunt, riddles to solve, and facts to discover.

Scavenger Hunt Clues for party

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults

Video scavenger hunts are proven to be some of the best ideas for adults. Hunters are given a list of tasks and situations that should be shot on a video. Teams can record videos of themselves or other players in certain spots and perform challenging and sometimes, several ridiculous action. Videos are usually made of 30 to 40 second duration for every situation. Other scavenger hunt ideas for adults include sound hunt clues in which hunters are given an audio recording device and list of various sounds to record. It may include sounds made by different objects like ringing church bell, ticking clock, a message from an individual, animal sounds, or something announced on the radio. The team that manages to collect the most sounds from the provided list in the set time is declared the winner.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Adults Around Town

This usually goes with pre-arranged scavenger hunt ideas in which the items are placed in the chosen playing area beforehand. A traditional Easter egg, for example, is a popular version of this type of hunt. With this idea, the hunters are given instructions to find each wrapped package. To give it a new look, the players will leave the item in place and only note the precise location of the specific item. Hiding more than one item about the play area or hiding an object for each team to find can be another way to challenge the teams. Mystery photo hunt, people scavenger hunt, information scavenger hunt, destination unknown, and classic scavenger hunt are some of the popular scavenger hunt ideas for adults around town.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

Mystery party for teens is a popular choice amongst the available scavenger hunt ideas for kids. Let the kids at the party solve the crime. Choose the kind of mystery party where hunters will have a script to read, a unique costume to wear, and a character to play. You can also work with the Sherlock Holmes type of mysteries where the hunters will need to solve a crime with the clues and evidence you have put in strategic spots. Furthermore, a chain store can be a prime location for a scavenger hunt for kids. The items you pick to include in your scavenger list can become the things used at any party or for a get together. Make sure you visit the store in advance to select the items that you would like to add to your list in order to make the searching process easy. Give the hunters a range of prices to help them find the correct items.

There are lots of scavenger hunt ideas that haven’t been discovered yet and need your consideration. Take some time to observe what a group of individuals would like to do for a great fun as a team. Abovementioned are just a few scavenger hunt ideas. You can come up with more ideas that are specific and meaningful to the participants.


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