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Scavenger Hunt

10+ Amazing Scavenger Hunt Riddles For Occasions

Scavenger Hunt has become one of the most loving sports both indoors and outdoors. In this sport, the job of Scavenger Hunt Riddle Maker holds an important position because this guy covers one of the most important aspects of and that is to formulate riddles which must be challenging so that the other team will find the objects very hard to guess. If you are trying to become a maker and formulate some really puzzling Scavenger Hunt Riddles, you are definitely going to need our help. Having said that, we shall now begin with our primary objective.
In this article, we will be covering basic principles and cunning techniques which will provide you with enough content to take care of the business. Besides the general Scavenger Hunt Riddles, we will also be covering several ones for kids and teens as well.

Top 10 Best Scavenger Hunt Riddles:

This is now going to be a list with top 10 scavenger hunt riddles which are quite hard to guess. Alongside each riddle, we will mention the answer and a short explanation behind it. These could also work as effective Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Teens in case they are looking forward to getting them. Here we go!

What’s black when you get it, red when you use it, and white when you’re all through with it?

The answer to this one is a Candle! While you are getting a candle, a black thread is packed surrounded by white wax all around it. Also, when you burn it, it produces a red flame and it is also an object which is present in every home making it a good scavenging item. It is also quite easy to guess for teens and kids.

Runs, but cannot walk, sometimes sings but never talks. Lacks arms, has hands; lacks a head but has a face.

The answer to this second riddle is a Clock! This is an object which is also present indoors and in every home. Also, the way it is being sung in the riddle is quite poetic. It is explained as something which runs and we say the ‘running time’ phrase, we should be able to guess it. The singing element in the riddle might point out the alarm we can set in clocks.

Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Throughout history, there have been thousands of well-documented cases of horses jumping over towers and landing on clergy and small men, forcing their removal. What am I?

Of course, we can never be sure about the rest of the history but when something is mentioning everything about horses, small men, and clergy, we can guess a game is talked about here and the answer for this one is clearly Chess! Though it will only be there to be guessed by the ones familiar with the game.

What is white when it’s dirty and black when it’s clean?

The 4th riddle on the list hints at the only item which is called dirty when it is white. Of course, it is a Chalkboard on which you write with a white chalk to make it dirty.

It is then cleaned and when we do so, its color becomes black. Oh, this is fascinating, isn’t it?

Stiff is my spine and my body is pale, but I’m always ready to tell a tale.

The answer to this 5th riddle is a Book which is an object present all around us. The mention of a pale body might confuse some people since most of the times the pages are made plain-white and guessing the pale color at once could be a challenge. Let them fall for it!

I am so simple that I only point, yet I guide men all over the world.

If they want to, kids can very well add this one in their arsenal of Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids since this one’s difficulty is for amateurs. The device which is made simple but points out the directions for us is clearly a Compass!

I don’t go out and play, I just stay home all day, I’m nice – you might agree, but mostly your feet just rub me?

We go outside and come inside the house all the time. The object we interact the most, in this case, is a Door-Mat which is always lying there and does nothing but bears the burden of all the dirt we rub on it throughout the day. Since it is another object which is the part every home, it makes for a good scavenger hunt riddle item.

What has a ring, but no finger?

You might argue that this is an easy one and who couldn’t guess an item such as a Telephone which rings all the times and has no finger behind. Well, you might be smart but it could make a lot of people being confused to hell. A pretty better explanation is the combination of a finger and a ring which keeps people’s mind off the gadget.

I start with an “e”, I end with an “e”, but I usually contain only one letter?

The answer to this second last riddle is an Envelope, however, guessing of a word which starts with ‘e’ and then ends with an ‘e’ while focusing on the word ‘letter’ is a thing not everyone focuses. Most people keep thinking the word starting and ending with the mentioned alphabet and thus it becomes a riddle which is quite hard to guess.

I’m an insect, and the first half of my name reveals another insect; also some famous group of musicians had a similar name?

People are not much into insects and this 10th riddle at the end will definitely give them a hard time. Well, we aren’t going that to you and mention the answer which is a Beetle. The first three letters of the answer are ‘B-E-E’ which makes a word for another insect called ‘Bee’ but as easy as it may sound after the explanation, it is certainly a tough one to guess.

Did these riddles give you shivers and are you ready to rock up your Scavenger Hunt Riddles time? Now, make sure that you do give your opponents a tough time. Cheers!


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