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The Purpose and Benefits of Team Building Activities

The Purpose and Benefits of Team Building Activities

The basic idea of team building activities is to nurture awareness of the team spirit and strengthen commitment to the common goals and objectives of the team members. If properly used, these activities are great to develop strong interpersonal associations which are handy to connect the team closer together.
Team building practices are basically thought-provoking problem solving tasks that are specifically designed to support team members to develop their capacity to work together successfully. Interestingly, many team building tasks are similar to children’s game while others can be unusual and complex activities particularly designed to meet specific needs at corporate sector.

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Where Team Buildings Can be Used

Team building activities are often used in presentations, training seminars, meetings, corporate trainings, education programs, workshops, sports teams, youth work, correctional settings, and pre-school, elementary, middle, high as well as college groups. One of the important parts of these activities is participants’ consideration and conversation about the activity, distinguishing the obvious parts of learning as well as to know how they can approach the situation.
Team members should be encouraged to cooperate with each other as a team and put their individual integrating and interacting skills into a unified effort. This is important because every member’s goal achievement in directly considered as the overall team’s goal achievement. It is, however, not enough to create interdependence feelings among the team members where everyone thinks they are in sailing in the same boat together. This will force individuals to get along with each other because they think they have no other option. Likewise, those activities that are badly thought-out can confuse strong competitiveness with over aggression.

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Some workplace environments need a little of teamwork in order for necessary operations to run smoothly and create a relationship between colleagues. A unified team that works effectively together does not need aggression to reach its goals. Team building practices can be demanding to individuals who often feel forced to strive at a largely worthless level in the workplace.

Real-life Escape Rooms Help Team Building

Team building through engaging activities is a great way to build morale. Escape room games are designed to make their adrenaline pumping and persuade them to cooperate and work together as a united team. It is incredibly easy for colleagues to develop excellent team building skills when they successfully participate in escape rooms Dublin.
Essentially, these rooms demand equal participation of the players. Each player needs to do what can help their team succeed in escaping the room. Escape rooms are filled with fun and challenging tasks that are handy for team members to collaborate and unite. They help employees discover their individual roles in the company and figure out if they are up to right problem-solving skills. Other benefits of escape rooms for team building include the following:

  • Improve Problem Solving Skills
  • Escape games need critical thinking and good problem solving skills making it necessary for the workers look to increase their creativity and ability think out of the box.
  • Boost Productivity
  • Escape rooms help increase morale amongst employees through doses of fun and excitement they have to offer. Individuals with improved morale are more likely to do good work boosting productivity.
  • Foster Effective Communication
  • Escape games need players to communicate in numerous ways to make it out of the escape room in allocated time. This helps even those starters who need to develop good communication skills. On the whole, the process of team building in an escape room Peterborough can help fill the gap between colleagues who find it hard to interact in normal working routines.

Adventure Rooms Are Good For Team Building

Like escape games, adventure rooms are also handy in team building. They are packed with adventure and fun-filled activities. Most games played in these rooms highlight team efforts, creative talent, good decision making skills, fine analyzing, problem solving skills and promotional aptitude. Moreover, these activities also promote healthy competition between groups.
Basically, adventure rooms Dublin are physical adventure games where participants need to solve various puzzles using hints, clues and useful strategies in order to be able to complete set objectives. Players are given a set time limit in which they need to have revealed the ploy veiled within the adventure rooms.
Adventure games are usually based on a specific theme. Players need to meet their set goals in a set time which can be as long as an hour. Office work is always repetitive and it is very easy for workers to get bored which is not good for the business. In situations like this, you can involve team members in engaging activities like adventure rooms outside the regular boredom. Some of the major benefits of these games can be:

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Adventure Games


  • Help Develop Communication Skills
  • Adventure rooms allow people to interact with each other at different stages. This helps individuals develop necessary communication skills which are too needed at a workplace.
  • Ability To Handle The Challenge
  • Since adventure games requires players to accept the challenge and use their intellect to handle it in different ways. This persuades the participants to utilize the same skill in handling the challenges they may face at their workplace.
  • Create bonding
  • These rooms require players to cooperate and do what can help them be successful in the game. With lots of challenging activities, team members are persuaded to work together and improve bonding among them.

The only purpose of team building activities should be to bond group of people who all are in need of each other to acquire their individual goals and the group’s shared goals. This can only be done by creating or improving the understanding of shared commitment to tram goals. At this point, this is also imperative that team activities do not confuse team members in any mean. This can happen because the facilitator is not familiar with the activity or lacks the necessary skills to facilitate the team properly. For that reason, it is crucial that the facilitator is capable enough of understanding the purpose of team building tasks and comprehends how to do it expertly.


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