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Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Clues – A Real-Life Fun Mystery to Solve

Treasure Hunt Clues – A Real-Life Fun Mystery to Solve

Whether you choose to play indoor, creating an excellent interior arrangement through the ideas or go for an outdoor location such as a park or similar, a treasure hunt is the game to cherish by everyone. Fortunately, there is no lack of game ideas as more and more writers tend to get their hands on different thoughts and imaginations over the game. Furthermore, the wide range of customization options is something that has made every idea much more interesting and entertaining than ever.

How to play?

Playing a treasure hunt is easy and thought-provoking at the same time. Teams are given several sets of different clues to find relevant objects throughout the provided areas. Using different formats and variation of the game, players attempt solving the riddles, preferably one by one from the first one. Usually, the winning team is the one who has managed to solve the clues and found the object. Luckily, the emergence of technology has given a new face of realism and imagination for a treasure hunt. In the present time, more and more clues and riddles are being written based on the use of technical aspects such as taking pictures or recording videos. While some people find it overwhelming to come up with treasure hunt clues for around the house, a wide collection of ideas available online has made it much simpler. Sometimes, ‘question & answers’ are used to form a riddle especially when it comes to write some ideas for school going children.
Here is how you can form numerous treasure hunt clues for people of different ages.

Treasure Hunt Clues for Adults

The ideas in this category happen to be more exciting, stimulating, and amusing than those written for kids. The addition of graphics, photographs, and videos as the important part of the game makes treasure hunt clues for adults truly electrifying to solve. For example, you can take a collection of pictures giving various clues around the object that is the main quest of the ‘hunt’. Likewise, this idea can be utilized with recoding small video chunks in which you can shoot yourself or any other team member giving expressions or showing hints as to the object to be found as the treasure.
It’s no longer a surprise that many lovers have also become accustomed to the idea of treasure hunt for expressing their love to their sweethearts. If you love someone, an interesting clue during treasure hunt can help you reveal your feelings for your beloved. Think of an exquisite venue where you two can have some special time and decide on an object to hunt, for example, a ring for proposing marriage. Make clues with romantic images, passionate quotes, or a few lines to form a short poem that your beloved can use to hunt around the treasure. These graphical clues can also consist of the spots and landmarks around the place where you have hidden the object so they can use your pictures to match the clues. For the answer, you can allow them to bring variations in the way they want to play. For instance, they can take pictures in which they have solved the riddles or record video clips wearing the ring etc.

Treasure Hunt Clues

Treasure Hunt Clues for Kids

The ability to imagine things from children’s viewpoint is perhaps the most important aspect to write treasure hunt clues for kids. If you are writing clues for children with pre-school age, the best is to form something based on their own stuff such as clothes, toys or other belongings. You can also make the game more stimulating with exciting prices that the children will love to receive against the efforts they made during the hunt.
However, kids in middle school age or above can be given varied clues that are hard and interesting at the same time. For example, make a mystery photo treasure hunt riddle for the children and add some close-up clicks to the set. You can also add a few more shots consisting of additional clues or the ‘possible’ location in order to help them watch relevant signs or patterns so that they can reach the ‘treasure’. You can make the above idea a perfect addition to the indoor treasure hunt clues as it will help young players enjoy the game with ultimate fun as well as give you peace of mind regarding their safety. Other ideas may include people hunting, celebrity hunting, video hunting, pre-arranged hunting, photo hunting, and classic treasure hunting

Treasure Hunt Clues for Schools

Schools happen to be the best learning zone for your children. As the matter of fact, the ways of learning aren’t confined to the books or writing notes only. In the present world, most schools also focus on providing education through technology and sports. Treasures hunt could be one of those real-life sports that help students learn about how they can use various clues to find a specific object which can be related to anything around the world. Although, there are no specific ideas that can be particularly set as treasure hunt clues for schools, teachers with their instinct and imagination can produce the riddles. Some of these include information hunting, unknown destination hunting, sound hunting, personality guesses hunt, combination hunting, and so on. Mostly, these clues can be stimulating, interesting, and thought-provoking based on the particular subjects being taught in the classes. Moreover, these riddles or clues are tailored to different age groups studying in the school so that children do not feel something is not up to their standard.


Are Treasure Hunt and Scavenger Hunt the Same?

Treasure hunt and the scavenger hunt are real-life games with similar looks but a few different attributes inside. One of the similar features of these sports is that they are equally popular among the people of all ages. In addition to the customary hunt clues and ideas for the games, a scavenger hunt and treasure hunt have become more excited with the emergence of technology factor. Digital cameras and mobile phones equipped with cameras are more in touch with the games than before. Many players especially teenagers and youngsters opt for multimedia options such as taking pictures and recording videos to give the hunt clues. Also, the same mediums are being used to answer the clues, for example, members of a team take or record the video of themselves solving the clue. Both the games have the same winning formula i.e. the team which manages to solve more clues will be considered as the winner of the game.

A Final Word:

Writing treasure hunt clues need no qualification or certification. It is just the matter of human’s instinct, passion, and their ability to imagine. The more you manage to imagine, the more ideas you are likely to obtain.


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