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Treasure Hunt Riddles to Boost the Parties

Treasure Hunt Riddles to Boost the Parties.

Not every party requires tons of food and booze to boost the experience and fun. There are others ways and especially for the children and teenager parties where the fun can happen with some overwhelming ideas including the scavenger hunt games and treasure hunt riddles. If you have been around parties, you would know how boring it gets overtime while doing the same stuff and it could be made really spicy with such ideas.

What are Treasure Hunt Riddles?

Either you are someone who has been a fan of The Riddler from the DC Comics which made you a fan of solving riddles or it has been in your DNA in the first place, you will definitely be looking forward to this fun activity. The treasure hunt riddles are no different from the others, however, there is a certain and unique sense of rhyming which makes these even more interesting. This one especially works better when there is a scavenger hunt designed behind it.
Anyway, these riddles are mostly like other riddles, however, with the difference of content which directs you towards the objective of finding different treasures which are hidden by your friends. The core of the game requires you to hide the treasures first and then formulate the riddles so that solving them can help the opponents to find the treasures. There are many people who only play this game for the riddles.
Though this is not the right or the conventional way, not playing with the treasure part and only answering the riddles could be fun as well. In such case, it is better if the things are better thought out regardless of the fact that they are imaginary. Being done with the introduction, let us move on to more interesting stuff now.

Treasure Hunt Clues

Treasure Hunt Riddles for Kids:

Games like these bring more fun while you make your own riddles. But, this is certainly not easy for everyone and they look forward to learning these riddles from the internet or a good book. Since kids are mostly the recipient of this problem, we will now bring a list of some good riddles for the kids and a slight explanation bringing the answer to the riddle.

The difficult level behind these treasure hunt riddles for kids is certainly easy and when you say those to them, they are definitely able to relate to the objects around them. These riddles will also be quite good treasure hunt riddles around the house. So let us begin!

I have four legs, but I don’t have feet.
I come in handy when it’s time to eat.

The clue to this riddle is the eating time in which the object explains itself as the one with the handy features. The object also tells that it has four legs but has no feet to stand on. Since we use this object every day, it is quite clear that the answer to this riddle is a Fork!

My job is to put an end to sleep,
Which I do with music, a buzz or a beep.

We sleep every day and if you need to wake up at a specific hour, you set up an Alarm which is the answer to this next riddle. The riddle clearly states that it puts an end to sleep with the help of music such as a beep or any ringtone which you have set as the alarm tone on your phone.

I can take you to places you’ve never seen,
But first type your password in on my screen.

The world of the internet where you can surf several websites and learn about everything you want is definitely possible on a Computer which is the answer to this riddle. The password on the screen makes this one definitely easier to answer.

Treasure Hunt Riddles for Adults:

When it comes to the adults, the difficult of the riddles is bound to get high. However, answering these riddles and solving them to find the objects is definitely adds to the fun. The adults are used to place these games at an extended level and thus the riddles we will mention for you will be treasure hunt riddles for around the house and garden and you will definitely find them overwhelming. While we are at it, let us begin with some difficult ones:

I’m filled with feathers or other soft fluff.
To sleep without me can be quite tough.

What could be the answer to this one? Well, let’s analyze. In the riddles, the object is explaining itself as the one without which we will be unable to sleep well. Also, it is either filled with soft fluff or cotton and feathers. Well, all the clues here direct us towards a Pillow which is definitely a thing without which we cannot sleep easily.

Turn me on and I’ll give you a light.
I’m used some in the daytime but mostly at night.

This is quite a confusing one. All kinds of electric bulbs and tube lights give light when we turn them on. But, you will find it surprising that the answer here is a Lamp. This can be identified mainly from the fact since all the lights are being used throughout the day, a lamp is the one which is used in the night for the light purposes.

Adults go here when they first wake,
And at other times when they need a break.

When you hit the kitchen in the morning, what is the first thing that you do? Well, most of us are used to grabbing a cup of coffee and freshen up our morning. But, the riddle points towards a Coffee Maker which is present at homes and in the offices. This definitely is one of the best means for catching a break as mentioned in the riddle.

Staying tuned to our content will keep you updated with tons of other treasure hunt riddles which you can use at different times to spice up the things. Don’t forget to leave us your feedback and keep visiting us back for more.


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